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Tuesday, 16 December 2008


...the old Toyota truck had a terminal MOT today. This will be a sad day for all of you who used to enjoy watching it pull cars and caravans out of sticky spots, whose batteries were given the kiss of life by its mighty alternator and whose luggage was transported about in its beautiful and capacious body. Born in South Africa in 1989, raised in Quetta on the Afghan/Pakistan border and sent to England to find fame and fortune in 1992. Eleven loving owners, one miserable camp site manager and a stiff, salt-laden south westerly breeze later it is bound for the big scrap heap in the sky....unless Jeremy Clarkson is doing another programme about indestructible vehicles...because surely F613 LMR will ride again...if not in this world, then in a better place.... I'm 30 years of motoring its the only vehicle I have ever has let me down very badly...just because it never got washed or serviced and once had the indignity of being loaded with so much concrete that the front wheels literally did not touch the ground... oh well...anyone got a copy of Auto Trader? .

1 comment:

  1. A sad day indeed! A suitable replacement will have to pass Jake's very high standards of 'Boy's toys'. I hope you have consulted him on this? Good job you got all that paint and new furniture before it gave up the ghost- MD would not have been happy if the truck had broken and her decorating had not been finished!