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Monday, 13 July 2009


Ode to a Disgruntled Camper . When I was young, I used to camp, Primus Stove and Tilley Lamp. Farmers field, cold and dank, Elsan loo that really stank. Price we paid if I recall, Two pints of beer, that was all. The bog roof leaked, the water cold, A shower only for the bold. Toilet paper there was none, Ask for soap and we’d be done. . Times thank God have changed somewhat, Now you can in comfort squat, Toilet rolls in good supply, The cardboard tubes, on floor just lie, Too far to take them to the bin, There must be ‘staff’ who’ll put them in. And where’s the soap, must we complain? We’re never coming here again! We don’t wash our hands at home, But when we camp we must have foam! . So think of this, oh man of wit, When you sit and have a think, The price you pay for comforts many, They must cost a pretty penny, Internet and water hot, Electric light, I kid you not, Grass so short and trimmed so neat, Country views you just can’t beat. And how much does this cost per night…. Two pints of beer….that can’t be right? .

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