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Sunday, 29 November 2009

SCRABBLE - Deja Vu, Ominous Portents, Signatures and Danish Pasties!

Lay awake last night in a 65mph wind thinking know...the well-known game where you have a handful of tiles and have to re-arrange them into a word like 'ROOF'.

We have certainly got some extreme weather at the moment, not just the wind, but almost constant rainfall...I have rarely seen the site so wet and its fortunate there's nobody on it during the winter, so the ground just keeps soaking it up. However, our problems are nothing; we spare a thought at this time for our customers, their friends, family and all the unfortunate victims of weather in the north west.

The Blogwall Bugle itself was born of an extreme weather event. Rememember August 2008? It was pretty wet, and to cheer everyone up we started to produce a one-side sheet of ramblings, gossip and pretty useless information to keep spirits up. Originally, it was called the Bogwall Bugle, on account of that was where it was posted up. Looking back through the archive, headlines catch my eye such as 'Woman Takes to Bed in Climate Change Protest' and there are some useful 'Norma's Problem Page' tips on coping with muddy conditions.

Hopefully, with the new layout of the park, this sort of thing should not happen again....However, there is a way you can help out too....

Wherever you come from, you must have heard of 'Climate Change'. I can already hear all the Daily Mail readers sucking through their teeth, but bear with me because whether you subcsribe to the 'evil man' theory or not isn't the issue here. I am not convinced by the one reason fits all augument either...I think there's a whole lot of factors involved in this, all of which have their part to play. However, what I am convinced of is that we are just using too much 'stuff' at a rate that we as a species can't manage in simple supply and demand terms or justify on the moral ground of being fair to all. So, we've just got to stop using quite as much 'stuff'' and give ourselves a bit of a breathing space until we can get all the big theories and policies lined up and sorted out.

Now, when we have a bunch of politicians coming together to talk about something as important as this, then it makes sense to first of all get them to agree to stop using quite so much 'stuff' until they know what they are talking about. It looks like all the major players are going to be in Copenhagen next month to do just that (well...hopefully). So how can you help. Well, politicians are fickle, vain characters who like to know that somebody is taking notice. To get their attention, all you have to do is sign up to the 'Footsteps to Copenhagen' declaration and lend your voice to the millions of others around the globe who are asking our representatives to show some leadership on this. Don't be put off by the fact that it has 'Truro Cathedral' in the headline...this has nothing to do with religion, it's just that the good auspices of the cathedral have kindly agreed to help out in pulling this together. And it doesn't matter where you come from....Cornwall is just one of a whole world full of places that is affected by this. So please...give it some welly...just sign....

Thank You!

You can find all the old Bugles on this blog posted back in December 2008 (see panel to the right).


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