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Sunday, 25 April 2010


No...not todays marathon effort in the capital...the Lower Treave Solar Thermal Heating System!

First run produced 73 deg C at the panels (on the roof) and 62 deg C in the thermal store (the big green water tank which acts as the battery for the system).

Next step is to get the software up and running so that we can download the data from the controller and show you the progress to payback on the blog.

I am also refurbishing a couple of large radiators (taken out of our sitting room when we had the log burner installed) to put in the shower block. These will use the surplus heat from the system and keep everybody toasty during better get back and put a second coat on the rads before we put our Rugby coats on and go and watch Cornish Pirates play Doncaster in the semi-final of the British and Irish Cup...Its all go...sometimes it feels more like a sprint than a marathon. Good luck to all the runners in London today...especially those running for good causes and are excellent people.


1 comment:

  1. HERES A THOUGHT........

    Keep those off-cuts of speedfit plastic pipe so you can run a bit of underground down the site to the standpipes...

    Hot & Cold running water for those poor campers roughing it in the field!

    I'm sure you'd at least have enough to reach the first few pitches on level 1? and you even have a couple of months before the main summer peak season arrives...

    So I am guessing you could get the first 'hot-stand-pipe' in and working just past the hard-standing...
    ready for end July-early August'ish!!

    Be just about right for washing the car and cleaning the caravan windows if we get any inclement weather splashing the ole' mud around!!

    What do you think? Is it a runner?

    If it were Dragons Den I am sure there would be some backers...