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Monday, 28 June 2010


No not another drama of high finance and irresponsibility; the altogether more interesting tale of a gentleman in a velvet waistcoat and a wildlife pond.

We noticed a bit of a leak in one corner of the pond's retaining bank and Paul, doing a passable impersonation of a small Dutch boy and a large Dutch dyke, placed his hand over a waterspout in the undergrowth only to find it reappear elsewhere as a network of tunnels was uncovered and the familiar mounds of freshly dug damp earth were revealed. 'Moley' had been at work extending his hunting grounds in search of worms which had retreated to the damper environs of the pond margins in search of some moisture in this very dry spell. His mining 'network' had extended to flooding point and he didn't have the benefit of a Cornish beam engine to pump out his workings!

All repaired with a couple of strategically placed turfs, the pond is now recovering its levels.


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