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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Trying to give customers what they want...ease of booking, convenient payment methods, security of payment that sort of stuff. Sagepay is one of the options we'd like to offer our guests who want to book and pay on-line. The fly in the ointment occurs when you have to involve a bank in the remember banks, those caring institutions of the community who are commited to supporting small business in these challenging times...they require me to open yet another account with them (we already have 4!) to process these payments. This involves a 10 minute telephone interview to 'check their details', hard copy form filling and a 3 week 'security' process. It will also take some of the activity from one of the existing accounts and transfer it to the new account with all the associated extra costs and charges.

Please be assured that you can still book on-line with us, there will be no extra charge for that service from us to you. No charge for using your Credit or Debit card, no administrative charge, no surcharge, no extra luggage charge, no charge for awnings or dogs, no bankers bonuses, no tourist that off my chest.

All in this together now...

Are you going to be very fair?
Barclays, Sage, woes many and time! 


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