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Sunday, 25 November 2012

How the mighty are fallen...!

Thank you to all those enquiring after our well-being following the recent weather which has hit the South West. We're pretty much unscathed at Lower Treave, apart from loosing a large tree on the lower level of the site and the pond over-running a couple of times.

Notice the new 'lake' which has appeared further down the valley.

The debris trail marks the spot of the latest breach.

Next year Pitch 53 will have a more airy feel to it!

Oh well, every cloud has a silver lining...although the ones on this particular cloud were quite a dark grey; a chainsaw and an axe and we have next years supply for the woodburner sorted. Question is - what trees to plant in replacement - any suggestions?

As a most famous soldier and statesman once said 'We must get some better footwear for these muddier battles - something calf length in a rubberised material should do the trick.Captain Dunlop, Lieutenant Hunter, see what you can come up with!'

Remember, sensible footwear is not just for camping. We hope you are all safe, well and keeping your feet dry and powdered. You won't need Wellingtons for the beautiful summer of 2013, but you will need a booking 

See you in the heatwave!


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