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Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Dear Readers,

Sorry not to have been in touch for a while, but things have been a little hectic around Treave Towers just lately. Time for a 'catch up'.

Last week, CoaST, the sustainable tourism network, were kind enough to invite me to be an Ambassador for their project. After a bit of argy bargy about how much Ferrero Rocher was involved and did the residence have its own staff and driver, we eventually agreed that I would just do the best I could with an old truck, Jake as driver and a couple of squares of Cadbury's Dairy Milk.

My first official engagement was to a cream tea at the Alverton Manor Hotel ( ) to meet up with the other 'Ambos', have a bit of a chat and generally 'get with the programme'. Unfortunately, the event coincided with a meeting of the Fostering Panel, I went into the wrong room and ended up having to explain that I was not 'parenting material'...'ask any of the kids on the site and they will back me up on that!' I said. Anyway, a jolly time was had by all and Their Excellencies went on to do good works.

'In his new role as chauffeur, Jake waits patiently outside the Alverton Manor to drive His Excellency back to the residence.' 

On Thursday, the truck went in for its MOT. To pass, it had to have a set of new number plates because the speeding cameras were having trouble picking up the image due to 'de-lamination'...the fact that the truck has a top speed of 27 mph downhill with a following wind apparently holds little sway in a magistrates court.

Anyway, new plates were produced amidst a flurry of quips such as 'have we got any Roman Numerals left...truck's so old it seems a shame to spoil it with all this new fangled Arabic stuff?' ...comes to the point of collection and the garage owner, who I have known and traded with for some years, asked me to produce the Vehicle Registration Certificate and my driving license to confirm my identity and ownership.

Now, most of you have a two-part driving part of which has a photograph. I have a six-part license, held together by browning sticky tape and no was after all issued when I was 18 years old and has had a hard a life, like its holder, who is also held together by browning sticky tape!

'Question is' said the garage owner slowly 'how do I know you are who you say you are?'

'I'm an Ambassador' I said, 'I have Diplomatic Immunity.'

'Fair enough' he said, 'sign here.'


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