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Monday, 5 October 2009


A few days ago I attended the 'Clean Cornwall Summit' at The Eden Project.

Clean Cornwall is a partnership group set up to reduce litter in Cornwall by: raising awareness of the problems caused by litter; campaigning to change behaviour; improving the way local councils and others manage litter; supporting community efforts to reduce and collect litter.

Lots of great ideas about how we can tackle the problem of litter, in both town and country, some of which are repeatable, some (pertaining particularly to the 'fly-tippers') which belong in a book of medieval crime and punishment.

We're hoping that visitors will want to get involved in this about a Lower Treave litter-pick on a local beach for an hour early one morning followed by a bracing dip in the sea and bacon butties and mugs of tea all round...!

Let us know if you have any ideas, perhaps from your own local area, which might help and stick them on a 'comment' on the blog.

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