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Monday, 5 October 2009


Pitch 62 will have a slightly damper feel next season as it takes on a new role as our wildlife pond!

Work started this weekend on creating the still-water habitat which is part of a revised layout of Lower Treave for 2010. Fewer pitches, less pressure on the environment, more space for everyone to enjoy the wildlife.

The scrub is cut back and the outline of the pond is marked.

Paul locates the stream above the pond which will eventually feed it with fresh water via a waterfall.

Keith gets free advice from Senior Management and The Clerk of Works on how to set up a back-hoe.

An overflow pipe is laid which will feed surplus water back to the stream where it came from.

Paul cuts the trench to the top of the waterfall.

Keith positions the large stones for the waterfall (on Paul's foot!).

The waterfall takes shape.

Earth is scraped back to create the pond and retaining banks.

A boggy area is formed at one end of the pond for the marginals.

Turf cut from the pond area is re-laid alongside the waterfall.

Nearly finished. We will let everything settle this week and then release the water into the pond at the weekend; more pictures then. Thanks to Paul and Keith for a great days work. Look out for later posts on how the site is changing for next year.

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