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Saturday, 8 May 2010


An earlier post of mine rubbished a trite attempt to compare the emissions from the unpronouncable volcano in Iceland to the CO2 saved by a non-flying it would seem stupid to set up this blog for potential ridicule by continuing the debate with this contribution from Christian let's do it.

...don't know where he got the numbers from...but I do know that the big black scary bit on the left just comes from using 'stuff', so the answer to all the big questions (asked and un-asked) must be use less 'stuff'!

So what are we doing about that at Lower Treave. Well, this morning I received the water bill and this afternoon I am installing self-closing taps. Just another example of the effect that big scary numbers have on me!

Talking of numbers, here are yesterdays graphs from the solar system:


You probably can't see it too well...because I am not as iTalented as Mr Guthier but, following a fairly murky day, with a couple of bright spells, one mid-morning, one mid-afternoon, we got some free 'stuff'...namely hot time you're down just ask me and I can bore you for hours.... about 'stuff'!


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