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Thursday, 29 October 2009


The long awaited announcement that bookings can now be made for 2010. We have published our new pricelist online and the website will shortly be refreshed with new details and photographs for next year. And you, dear Blogwall Buglers, get first look!

Firstly, as we discussed with some of you this year, we plan to reduce the number of pitches on the park next year...give everyone a bit more space, particularly for those who have the larger, more adventurously shaped tents and the 'outbuildings' which go with them. We are installing additional electric hook-ups for tents on the lower level and designating a special area for lightweight camping, backpackers and cyclists who will pay a reduced rate at all times. Overall, our pitch numbers will go down from 72 to 56 (22.5%)...bearing in mind that we had already reduced from our licensed number of 80. So, more space to enjoy that barbecue, no queues in the showers and less pressure on the environment...and if I can get the technology to work, this is how it will look....

Large pitches with an electric hook-up have been called 'Pitch Plus' and are shown in red. Large pitches without electric are called 'Pitch Large' and are shown in blue. Small pitches for lightweight camping are called 'Pitch Lite' and shown in green.

Click on the map if you want to see a full size version, but remember to come back to the blog for more news!

Along with the new layout of the site, we have reorganised our price list to reflect what we think is a fair charge for the service provided. There have been a number of significant factors to take account of this year...not least the general economic doom and gloom, but we think we are still competitive and hope you will want to book with us in 2010. Here are some of the things we think about when setting the rate:

VAT will go up on 1st January...we will absorb that cost for all low season touring bookings. You will pay the same price as last year, making it effectively cheaper!

Since the massive price hikes of 12 months ago, non of our utility bills (gas, water, electricity) have come down, and some have gone up again. We will try and negate some of that rise by using the resources more sensibly, but unfortunately some of the cost will have to be passed on.

Our business rates for 2010 onwards have just increased by 175%! We will appeal.

The Holiday Hire Caravans are already well booked for the summer. The price increase for them will range from 36p to £1.07p per person per night (based on 4 people sharing) to cover utilities, VAT and rates. They are very competitively priced.

The price of disposing of rubbish has gone up significantly...we will encourage more recycling and try and provide you with better facilities to do so to reduce the load.

Our pitches are large, we don't overcrowd or double book, even at the busiest times, and the site provides a safe, clean and secure environment from which you can enjoy your holiday.

Our 'high season' does not include any of the Public Holidays outside of August and is as short as we can make it.

Other parks in the area have also set their prices for 2010...we are a business and must be competitive.

We want you to come back!

So given all is the bit you have been waiting for...the pricelist.


Again, you can click on the pricelist if you want to see a full size version, but remember to come back for the last bit which is....

Our customers, guests, friends of Lower Treave are very important to us and we love to see you returning year after year. We know that cost is an important factor in your holiday and we are very aware of that when setting the price. This year, anyone on a touring pitch in low season will effectively pay less than last year. Anyone on a touring pitch in high season will pay an increase of less than the cost of half a pint of beer, per person, per night....but that is not an excuse for all you kids out there to start queuing up at the bar!

We look forward to welcoming you all in 2010. Those who have booked already will shortly be receiving confirmations and requests for deposits. If you wish to book now, either use the book on-line facility on the website, or give us a call on (01736) 810559.

Thank you.

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Further to my last posting on Lower Treave's wandering star of the oval ball....latest news!

Following an injury to Nottingham's Matt Parr (broken arm), Cookie will step into the breach and play for his old club, putting on hold his plans to 'winter in the sun'.

Cookie played for Championship side Nottingham in 2006 prior to joining Premiership side Harlequins, so it won't be the first time he has pulled on the green and white.

If you're in the East Midlands, why not pop along and watch a match at Meadow Lane. Full details on this link:

Nottingham Rugby

(PS...those boomerangs are more efficient than I thought!)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


After two years with Championship side Cornish Pirates, Peter Cook leaves this week to play for his new team Brisbane. Good luck Pete, you have given us all a lot of fun and 'good sport', both on and off the field. If the Australians think they're tough...wait until they try your 'roadkill pie'!

Like a'll be back!

Monday, 12 October 2009


The Clerk of Works, Senior Management and Committee wait anxiously at the 'Filling Up' ceremony.

Paul puts the finishing touches to the small weir which will divert some of the water from the stream to the top of the new waterfall.

Water begins to flow.

And the pond begins to fill.

First reflections.

A celebratory toast.

The pond is dedicated to Roy Bliss who, in his life and work as a Landscape Gardener made many beautiful ponds. We hope he likes this one...and now we're all filling up...

Great gardeners never die, they just spade away!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Remember back in April 09 we posted about these guys walking Lands End to John O' Groats for Help for Heroes.


John Burford, supported by his son Colin and their trusty old van 'Marigold' completed the 1130 mile walk on 8th July and raised over £2,000 for the charity. Fantastic effort! Well done from Lower Treave.

Monday, 5 October 2009


In the Midlands, food taken for a workers lunchbreak is often referred to as 'snap'.

Paul (otherwise known as Director, Estates and Wildlife) spent a recent lunchbreak 'snapping' the wildlife buzzing around his pasty.

Common Blue

Drone Fly

Noon Fly


Red Admiral

Shield Bug



Pitch 62 will have a slightly damper feel next season as it takes on a new role as our wildlife pond!

Work started this weekend on creating the still-water habitat which is part of a revised layout of Lower Treave for 2010. Fewer pitches, less pressure on the environment, more space for everyone to enjoy the wildlife.

The scrub is cut back and the outline of the pond is marked.

Paul locates the stream above the pond which will eventually feed it with fresh water via a waterfall.

Keith gets free advice from Senior Management and The Clerk of Works on how to set up a back-hoe.

An overflow pipe is laid which will feed surplus water back to the stream where it came from.

Paul cuts the trench to the top of the waterfall.

Keith positions the large stones for the waterfall (on Paul's foot!).

The waterfall takes shape.

Earth is scraped back to create the pond and retaining banks.

A boggy area is formed at one end of the pond for the marginals.

Turf cut from the pond area is re-laid alongside the waterfall.

Nearly finished. We will let everything settle this week and then release the water into the pond at the weekend; more pictures then. Thanks to Paul and Keith for a great days work. Look out for later posts on how the site is changing for next year.


Whilst up at Eden, I met up with Dan Reading Of THE GREEN BLUE.

Backed by the British Marine Federation and the Royal Yachting Association, The Green Blue is testing out practical projects, conducting research and providing advice, to help recreational boating go green. 

 The Green Blue objectives are:

•To provide more readily available information to industry and users about potential environmental impacts of recreational watersports and effective mitigation measures.

•To raise awareness of how users can purchase, maintain and use their craft and equipment in an environmentally responsible manner.

•To promote sustainable boating so that increases in participation figures and the size of the recreational marine industry are achievable while minimising environmental degradation

•To encourage the design and production of innovative environmentally friendly products, facilities and processes within the recreational marine industry

•To raise awareness of the interaction with the local environment amongst providers of marine services and amongst watersports participants

•To work with partners, authorities and managers to raise awareness and appreciation of coastal and inland water environments

Dan is the Sustainable Facilities Officer and more details of The Green Blue can be found here:


Dan Reading


A few days ago I attended the 'Clean Cornwall Summit' at The Eden Project.

Clean Cornwall is a partnership group set up to reduce litter in Cornwall by: raising awareness of the problems caused by litter; campaigning to change behaviour; improving the way local councils and others manage litter; supporting community efforts to reduce and collect litter.

Lots of great ideas about how we can tackle the problem of litter, in both town and country, some of which are repeatable, some (pertaining particularly to the 'fly-tippers') which belong in a book of medieval crime and punishment.

We're hoping that visitors will want to get involved in this about a Lower Treave litter-pick on a local beach for an hour early one morning followed by a bracing dip in the sea and bacon butties and mugs of tea all round...!

Let us know if you have any ideas, perhaps from your own local area, which might help and stick them on a 'comment' on the blog.