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Friday, 31 July 2009


The Guinot Wingwalking Team were at Lands End yesterday. . . Two beautiful ladies...Boeing Stearmans of course... . . Fancy the job of strapping yourself to the top of one these for the summer? .
. .
Alternatively, you can fly with 'Capn Em' on the Penwith Flyer....but you have to sit on the inside!
Ring 01736 788771 for further details.


. It was a beautiful day here yesterday. . . These shot were taken on the track to Nanjizal. . . More of the same forecast for today. . . It's a tough life being a Cornish Collie! .

Thursday, 30 July 2009


Pretty much had them all over the last 48hrs! . Plenty of water as the heavens opened. Much debate about 'barbecue summers' and long range forecasting. I took a long gamble on a supply of Tregothnan Sustainable Charcoal, which is now 'in store'. This is produced from their own coppiced woodland, regularly cut to provide a constant and renewable source of seasoned hardwood. More about Tregothnan here: . A timely reminder of the dangers of fire a couple of nights ago when a camping stove gas bottle caught light. The firemen say it was a loose connection between the bottle and the regulator which caused the problem. Time for us all to have a look at our cooking equipment, check it is serviceable and make sure we are using it in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions. Nobody seriously hurt (sore hands from where the hot cooker was thrown out of the tent), but we all need to take care. Check your kit, make sure you know where your exits are, know how to raise the alarm and we will all camp safe. . Earth moving skills came to the fore as Paul and I decided to implement Plan A of the 'Muddy Patches Contingency Programme'. We like to keep the site looking good for everybody, so in extreme weather, we put down a few chippings in the heavy traffic areas. Two tons of 'Castle 10mm' to be precise; Castle is our local quarry. You can help by keeping to the site speed limit (5mph), not driving to and from the loos and showers when it is wet and being considerate to your neighbours when manoeuvring your vehicles. Further up-country the situation looks quite on the news last night of washed-out campsites in the midlands and Wales...Lower Treave drains very well and as soon as it stops raining the site is usually dry within a few hours. Here's the forecast: . And finally 'Air'. True to form, some Lower Treave stalwarts arrived yesterday and sad to report, their lilo was not up to the has let them down very badly. Tonight they will be sleeping in the canoe! . Dan Brown eat your heart can't make it up! .

Sunday, 26 July 2009


Callum Walls and Duncan Ledingham are the latest guests to set off from Lower Treave to John O'Groats in aid of charity. . They are very keen cyclists and have been itching to do the British end-to-end run for quite some time. . Commencing on the 27th July, they be embarking from Lands' End and wending their way through England, Wales and Scotland arriving in John O'Groats 9 days later with a total mileage of nearly 1000miles; an additonal three days will take them back home to Aberdeen. They will be fully self supported and camping along the way (no posh B and B's for them....the more money they save the more they can donate.) Callum will be cycling in aid of Scottish Mountain Rescue, whilst Duncan will be fundraising for Cancer Research UK. Scottish Mountain Rescue is often somewhat overlooked but they offer an invalueable service to hikers, climbers and many outdoor enthusiasts. Completely supported by a voluntary workforce on call 365 days a year they solely rely on public donations, and give up their free time to ensure the safety of others. . Callum and Duncan would like to express their thanks to VANGO who have provided camping equipment for their excursion; they would also like to highlight the charitable activities that Vango do for ShelterBox (based in Helston), providing hundreds of 10 man tents to those who become homeless from natural disasters. . Wish them luck as they depart from Pitch 46 tomorrow.


. When we were camping as kids, we used to call days like this 'chocolate and comics'. Dad would open up the tent flaps to a dubious weather situation and declare the day 'chocolate and comics!'. This was license to snuggle back into our sleeping bags, break out the dairy milk and dive into the stack of comics we had been saving up during the year for just such an occassion. No need to go on any fascinating trips to interesting museums or brisk circular walks in search of long-lost industrial heritage. Just Desparate Dan, Biffo the Bear and Dennis the Menace until the sun came out again. . What will you do's the forecast: . . .I declare 'chocolate and comics all round!' . 'Don't touch the sides of the tent' cried Dad....but his warning went unheeded.... .

Saturday, 25 July 2009


Don't miss it! Guess the weight of your wife in spuds, dog wrestling, pin the tail on the's all there! . Full details in the earlier post. .


Will and Dan are cycling to John O'Groats in aid of The Royal Marsden who look after children with cancer.
Here they are seen eating the specialised Hoy-Boardman pre-event high energy meal of .....sausages! .
Good luck to you. Anybody who would like to support their efforts and find out more about the trip can go to:
Their own blog is at:

Thursday, 23 July 2009


An early morning wake-up call from the re-cycling team as half a ton of glass is dropped into the lorry. . . Don't forget to complete the waste survey at . . The chores still have to be done...even on a sunny day. Time for some 'family time' around the washing up sinks! . . Jake waits patiently for the start of the latest Lower Treavers hockey match sporting fur in the colours of his favourite team....or is he waitng impatiently to take a chunk out of his pal's a 'boy thing'! . . Lower Treavers keeper Tim watches another one fly towards him. The score this week - 'A Short Walk' - a large number, 'Lower Treavers' - a slightly smaller number! . . End of the day, time for a catch up on the newspapers in the late evening sun. . You can't believe everything you read in the weather forecast...but if you do, here it is: . . Late breaking news from our Court and Social correspondent...VK and TD spotted dining out at Lamorna Cove...but that is 'strictly' confidential! .

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Thank you to my anonymous benefactor. . . I will try to cheer demeanour is not due to a lack of peas...just lack of sunshine...which is coming soon I hear! . . Time to move on from the peas...anyone want to pick another vegetable/subject...MPeas perhaps...they've been getting a hard time lately and I feel really sorry for them....Discuss. .


. Last year's show from the air (courtesy Cap'n Em). . . A great day out! . St Buryan Agricultural and Preservation Society Vintage Rally Sat 25th and Sun 26th July 2009 Opens 11.30am daily Adults £3, Concessions £2, Free Parking See poster in the laundry for full details .

Monday, 20 July 2009


. The early morning sun begins to peak over the horizon. . . It filters through a line of trees, beginning to warm the tents and their sleeping occupants. . . All sleeping apart from Ali who has to rise early and prepare 'black tea' for his family over his smoking coals. . Good morning Lower Treave! . Todays forecast: .


Our main website has just hit the 50,000 page load mark since we started counting in November 2007! There were 33,614 unique visitors to the site in that time and we average 2,791 first time visitors per quarter.
The trends make quite interesting reading...obviously camping is furthest from peoples minds in the depths of winter, but as warmer weather edges into the year then thoughts turn to holidays in Cornwall. Traffic usually peaks at the beginning of July and the most popular time for hits is Monday morning??? Presumably that's when we all get back into the office and are having the first coffee of the day and dreaming of summers on the beach!
Traffic to the blog is still relatively slow, but we are building a regular following of returning visitors who just like to keep in touch with the madness that is The Blogwall Bugle. Why not become a 'follower' and be notified everytime something new appears on the blog? And remember, if there is anything in particular you want to see here...within legal limits and constraints of course...then just drop us an email at . You can of course comment on any of the posts at any time.
Don't forget to get your rubbish surveys in at (see 'Lower Treave Is Rubbish' below).
Blog On!

Friday, 17 July 2009


. At the end of my self-enforced, six-day pea spree, there is much of interest to report on the P-Plan diet. . Firstly, I have lost some weight (about a pound), and quite a bit of time...mostly locked in the smallest room in the house. . Secondly, there is a slightly green tinge to my skin tones. A shade somewhere between the incredible hulk and the jolly green giant...but without the muscle mass. . Thirdly, there has been a distinct reluctance to share enclosed spaces with me...even Jake baulked at the idea of me going into his kennel to straighten his blankets. . But finally, and most importantly, I am fit and well despite the portents of doom implied by the 'best before' date on the bottom of the cans. Six cans down and I am still the grumpiest campsite owner in Cornwall. . Basically....tins ain't wot they used to be! .


. Cornwall Wildlife Trust's stunning 2010 calendar is available now. The perfect gift for friends and family. Featuring 13 spectacular colour photographs of some of the best scenes around Cornwall the calendar really is a must have, and it makes a fantastic souvenir of your visit. Production costs have been met by sponsors, and the beautiful images have been donated by the Trust's Photographic Group, so every penny raised from sales goes towards protecting Cornwall's wildlife for the future. To buy the calendar, call Carolyn O'Hagan on 01872 273939 ext 204. Calendars cost £5 plus p+p. . Purchase via the CWT webshop will also be available shortly and I will blog that up when I have the web address details. . Lower Treave has sponsored July ('Mys Gortheren' in Cornish) which is a beautiful picture of Porthcurno beach. Go one today and make the wildlife of Cornwall and me (I know...sometimes it's hard to tell the difference) very happy! Great Christmas presents! .

Thursday, 16 July 2009


. Well maybe not....but we do want to help our new Council sort out the challenge of reducing the amount of rubbish produced by campsites and recycling as much of what is left as possible. . Sarah, our Waste Awareness Officer, has put together a quick questionnaire for visitors which will be useful information in developing the county's sustainability programmes and preserving this beautiful part of the world for your future visits. . Please take a couple of minutes to answer the questions and you could win a voucher to the value of £250 to be used for your next holiday in Cornwall at either a David Bellamy Award Scheme park (like ours) or Green Tourism Business Scheme accommodation. Here's the link...if you're using our free wi-fi, why not do it now? . . Thanks, N .


. Michael Taylor of Southport turns a brave face to some bracing Cornish weather as he sets off on a solo Lands End - John O'Groats trip for the homeless charity 'Crisis'. He is aiming for a 10 day ride, which is slightly shorter than the railway journey from his home town to the start line! . Good luck Michael. .

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


. Recently returned from Greenpeandham Common, a lone protester makes his stand. . . A spokesperson for Greenpeas was unavailable for comment. . (five down, one to go!) .


. Mr and Mrs P Tinn of Top Row recently celebrated five years together at Lower Treave. Photograped here with their friends and family, the Tinns have always been close having first met in a packing shed in Lincolnshire. Mrs Tinn said she didn't know what all the stew was about, but she was glad she hadn't been left on the shelf. A small party will be held later where it is expected that John West will get completely canned, Miss Carnation will be milking it for all it's worth and the Baxter twins will be inconsolable about the porosity of their hens. (four down, two to go!) .

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


TUESDAY 14 JULY 2009 . Sennen Farmers Market (behind Sennen School) . 9am - 1pm . All sorts of delicious things to eat. things to grow, presents to buy. See Hope's stall for beautiful home made bread. . Lower Treavers Hockey Team v Falmouth Penzance Astro (behind the Fire Station) . 8.30pm . All support welcome. Please remember fans, the chant is 'LOWER TREAVERS'...not 'LOW ACHIEVERS' ...intonation is everything and team morale is a fragile thing! . See you there. .

Monday, 13 July 2009


Ode to a Disgruntled Camper . When I was young, I used to camp, Primus Stove and Tilley Lamp. Farmers field, cold and dank, Elsan loo that really stank. Price we paid if I recall, Two pints of beer, that was all. The bog roof leaked, the water cold, A shower only for the bold. Toilet paper there was none, Ask for soap and we’d be done. . Times thank God have changed somewhat, Now you can in comfort squat, Toilet rolls in good supply, The cardboard tubes, on floor just lie, Too far to take them to the bin, There must be ‘staff’ who’ll put them in. And where’s the soap, must we complain? We’re never coming here again! We don’t wash our hands at home, But when we camp we must have foam! . So think of this, oh man of wit, When you sit and have a think, The price you pay for comforts many, They must cost a pretty penny, Internet and water hot, Electric light, I kid you not, Grass so short and trimmed so neat, Country views you just can’t beat. And how much does this cost per night…. Two pints of beer….that can’t be right? .


'More peas Norma(n)?'
'Lovely...let's have them curried!'
(three down, three to go!)

Sunday, 12 July 2009


. Following some poor results in the Summer League from the Lower Treavers Hockey Team, Head Coach Peater Curnow has introduced some hi-tech training aids to improve peaformance. . (two down, four to go!)


. At a recent Blogwall Towers soiree, guests were invited to try an exciting new cocktail. (one down, five to go!) .

Friday, 10 July 2009


. A recent stock check of the camp site shop revealed that six tins of peas had passed their 'best before' date. WHAT? . The canning process dates back to the late 18th century in France when the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, concerned about keeping his armies fed, offered a cash prize to whoever could develop a reliable method of food preservation. . Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Boney did not loose that little disagreement on the playing fields of Belgium because of an outbreak of food poisoning in the ranks causing an overlong queue at les portaloos de Waterloo? Non! . The tins of food (Heinz tins!) which Captain Scott abandoned in the Antarctic were opened 47 years after his death, and the contents were not only edible, but pleasant. So if it was good enough for RFS then its good enough for me. I intend to consume all six tins over the next six days in defiance of some marketing man's mad scam to get us to throw away perfectly good food every time some arbitrary but 'very safe' date is reached. . I write to you from the loneliness of the east wing of Blogwall Towers where my family have confined me. .

Monday, 6 July 2009

DON'T MISS - Sennen Farmers' Market

As this is the landing page for the free on-site wi-fi, thought it might be a useful place to put details of local up-coming events.
I tried out the Farmers Market on its inaugural day and bought some tomato plants, cucumber plants, peppers and a great jar of homemade lemon curd. There was fresh meat and fish there, a bakery van and other local produce. Give it a try any Tuesday morning during the summer!