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Thursday, 27 January 2011

What do they do in the winter Daddy?

We're often asked what happens down here at Lower Treave when we close up for the winter.

Well, contrary to popular misconception, we don't head off to the Caribbean for a life of sun, sea and cetaceans. We get plenty of that here in Cornwall all year round!

But there is always a job to do during the short days of the site's down-time. This year we will be carrying out a refurbishment of the toilet and shower blocks to include new suspended ceilings and lighting. Whilst the ceiling is down, the plumbing will be reworked to give better insulation of the pipework so that we loose less heat from the solar thermal system. An additional mixing valve is being included to improve flow rates and some new lights are being installed in the laundry. A lick of paint all round and we're ready for the spring.

We have just bought a powered scarifier to tow behind the tractor and that will refresh the grass pitches each spring and autumn, lifting out the dead material from the turf and allowing the grasses and other wild flowers to grow back stronger. Paul has also been clearing back the undergrowth from around the new planting to give that a chance to get away when the warmer weather arrives.

There's always meetings, conferences and tourism industry events to attend...and most of these take place during the winter when business is a little quieter. The BH&HPA (our trade association) Conference is in Kenilworth this year, and our guest speaker is Clive Anderson ...talking back no doubt.

And what do we do for entertainment...?

...haven't missed a home match in 3 seasons and seen a few 'aways' too! Why not find out when the Pirates are raiding in your area and go along for a taste of winter Cornwall...great sport, excellent company, dubious songs and might even be the chance of a pasty!

See you all when the rugby's over and the season kicks off!


Saturday, 1 January 2011

...and a Happy New Year To All Our Readers!

...whether you're an old friend, a regular visitor or just passing by....a very Happy New Year to you all!

Three things I will try to avoid in 2011...

1. ...saying 'absolutely' when I really mean 'yes'.

2. ...describing minor travel inconvenience at a station, on a motorway or in an airport as 'third world conditions' or a 'war zone' really isn't.

3. reports where the journalists think they are the news!

Three things I will try to do in 2011....

1. ...say 'absolutely' when I would really rather say 'no'.

2. uncomplainingly.

3. ...not be in the news!