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Monday, 23 May 2011


You might want to get behind these guys....they look better from behind!

On June 3rd 2011, a group of the Nottingham Lions Ice Hockey Team will be tackling the UK's highest 3 peaks in a 24 hour period.

Accompanied by their faithful driver Mick Colegate, the team will travel over 1000 miles and will ascend and descend 42km of mountain, a Marathon's worth of trekking!

They are undertaking this challenge to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, any donation you can make will be greatly appreciated.

. happens!

Remember...when you flush something away...there is no such place as 'away'!

In our case, once a year our 5000 gall tanks have to be 'desludged' ready for the summer. Today was our 'away' day. Not a great job...but there's far worse in the world. The contents go 'away' to one of the local treatment plants.

A good time for us all to think about how we assume this stuff will just go 'away'. Check out the SAS website   for a real insight into where 'away' is.....

We'll do our bit to make sure the environment you have your holiday in is as safe and as pleasant as we can make it. You can really help by just pausing for a moment before you put that cotton bud (or worse) down the loo and remembering.....there is no such place as 'away'. happens!



Having spent most of the day underneath the 15 yr old Hilux pick-up rebuilding the front hubs, I was delighted to put down the spanners and get an invite from Matt Trevaskis of ecodrive to join him at Lands End for the arrival of a Tesla Roadster at the iconic signpost, marking the unveiling of a high power charging network from Lands End to John O'Groats.

Electric carmaker Tesla Motors  has partnered with UK hotels and tourist destinations to install the network, comprised of ten charge stations throughout Great Britain.

Each charge station is privately owned and available for public use, either provided free or for a nominal fee. The network is the result of a grass-roots effort by forward-thinking hotels and resorts and Roadster drivers. Now Roadster owners can enjoy their cars' breathtaking accelleration and 212 mile range as they tour Great Britain, and conveniently recharge while having a meal, using leisure facilities, or indulging in an overnight stay.

Tesla's High Power Connector (HPC) delivers a whopping 70 amps of electricity, fully charging an empty battery in less than three hours, and "topping off" a partially-charged battery in a fraction of that time. Complimenting the HPC network, Zero Carbon World   a charity dedicated to creating a clean energy future, has installed medium power connectors (MPCs), delivering 32 amps, at several sites throughtout Britain. Tesla's forthcoming Model S luxury saloon can also charge on the entire network.

The historic drive, from John O' Groats, on Scotland's northeast tip, to Land's End, in the far southwest, combined the Roadster's long range with the network's high power charging. On Saturday Kevin Sharpe, founder of Zero Carbon World, set off from John O' Groats in his electric blue Tesla Roadster along with EV expert David Peilow, both taking turns at the wheel.

'After crossing the country on a single charge in a Tesla Roadster, I realised that national coverage would require surprisingly few charge stations,' said David Peilow. 'I worked out the minimum number of sites for all of Britain to be reached, and found locations where drivers would be keen to stop and recharge. Once the benefits of hosting an EV charger were explained, most sites jumped at the chance to have one.'

The new network embodies Zero Carbon World's vision of a carbon-free society, and shows that eliminating fossil fuel emissions is well within our grasp,' said Kevin Sharpe. 'The network empowers people to make choices that are pleasurable and consistent with their values of environmental stewardship. I'm thrilled to be the first EV owner to make the drive from John o'Groats to Lands End.'

The welcoming committee at Lands End...Lower Treavers on the right!


Tuesday, 10 May 2011


It's here!

RFU Championship Final

Pirates v Worcester

7.45pm Wed 11 may 2011 at the Mennaye (second leg at Worcester a week later)

On Sky. On BBC Radio Cornwall.

Eight of us going from Lower Treave....

Give us a 'P'...

Give us an 'I'...

Give us an 'R'.....Aaaaaargh!



It is with much sadness that we have to tell you that Sooty, Campsite Dog Number One has passed away.

He died peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of Thursday morning (unable to face the Election Day coverage and knowing that his work to track down Bin Laden was done) at the ripe old age of 16 years and 1 week.

Always a character and probably the wild card in the pack, you could count on Sooty to be just that bit more independent than the rest. Having regularly spent nights out with the foxes and picking fights with larger celebrity dogs, his halitosis was legend and his determined rolling gait unmistakable.

Much missed by family, friends and rest of the pack alike; rest in peace old friend.

Thanks to all Family and Friends for their kind condolences.


30 April 1995 - 5 May 2011

Sooty and Bilbo the Lifeguard Dog square up for Round One...pick on someone your own size Sooty! 


Saturday, 7 May 2011


Setting off this morning from Lower Treave is one of the first 'LeJoggers' of the season.

Simon May is cycling from Lands End to John O' Groats to raise money for Diabetes UK .

You can follow his progress here  and you can donate here .

Good luck Simon, sorry about the damp start today, but it looks to be brightening later.

It's all downhill from here!


Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Residents may have noticed occassional loss of service on the wi-fi over the last few days. This is happening because of problems with the service provider's servers in America....and....unlike most things...we have no control over that. We're working on getting a solution and ask that you bear with us through the quiet times and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

You could perhaps try a non-electronic holiday?...we believe the beach is still 'on-line'! Alternatively, the local pigeon population has been waking me early, why not send a message with them to a far-off place!