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Monday, 24 December 2012

Goose Fat Anyone?

See you there!


Dead Ringer

Just filled in my first Ringed Bird Recovery report for ...sadly posthumous.

Thank you very much for reporting a ringed bird. Ring recoveries provide important information on the survival and movements of birds and we value every report.

You have made your report via a website operated by EURING on behalf of all European bird ringing schemes. Your report has been forwarded to the Scheme that issued the ring that you found. They will determine the ringing details of the bird and will then contact you to tell you when and where the bird was ringed. If you need to make any enquiries about your report please contact the relevant scheme, whose details are given below.

Please keep hold of the ring in case we need to check details later.

The information that you reported is listed below. If you find any errors in this information please inform the Scheme directly.

BTO, The Nunnery, Thetford IP24 2PU

Query Response
1 Transaction MRING1356365771901-LE40221
2 Full name Norman Bliss
3a Address 1 Lower Treave Caravan and Camping Park
3b Address 2 Crows-An-Wra
3c Address 3 Penzance
3d Address 4 Cornwall
4 Postcode/Zip code TR19 6HZ
5 E-mail
6 Country GB
7 Metal ring number LE 40221
8a Ring address XXX
8b If other please describe the scheme address that is on the ring NH MUSEUM LONDON
9 Type of bird (if known) Greater Spotted Wodpecker
10 Sex of bird (if known) F
11 Age of bird (if known)
12a Was the bird - dead
12b How long has the bird been dead? fresh dead
13a What happened to the bird? (e.g. caught by cat, hit by car, oiled on beach etc.) dead on ground - unknown cause
13b What happened to the bird? (e.g. entered house, tangled in garden netting, stunned hitting window - later released etc.) -
13c Please give further details of the circumstances if you can (e.g. ring only found in drawer, found by metal detector) -
14 Country GB
15 County/province Cornwall
16a Location Lower Treave Caravan and Camping Park, Crows-An-Wra, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 6HZ.
16b Location extra
17 Coordinates/grid reference OS GR SW 388273
18a Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 24/12/2012
18b Date (approx)
19 Please enter any further remarks that you may like to add that will assist in the processing of the ring recovery During the summer/autumn we have heard the tapping of woodpeckers in nearby trees. We have sighted both green and greater spotted before on site, but this is the first known fatality. There are numerous raptors in the area; buzzards, hawks and owls.
20 Lan EN