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Monday, 28 June 2010


No not another drama of high finance and irresponsibility; the altogether more interesting tale of a gentleman in a velvet waistcoat and a wildlife pond.

We noticed a bit of a leak in one corner of the pond's retaining bank and Paul, doing a passable impersonation of a small Dutch boy and a large Dutch dyke, placed his hand over a waterspout in the undergrowth only to find it reappear elsewhere as a network of tunnels was uncovered and the familiar mounds of freshly dug damp earth were revealed. 'Moley' had been at work extending his hunting grounds in search of worms which had retreated to the damper environs of the pond margins in search of some moisture in this very dry spell. His mining 'network' had extended to flooding point and he didn't have the benefit of a Cornish beam engine to pump out his workings!

All repaired with a couple of strategically placed turfs, the pond is now recovering its levels.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010


This weekend we welcome participants to THE CLASSIC QUARTER

The Endurancelife Classic Quarter Ultra Trail Marathon was first hosted in 2007 with great success. The idea for the event was originally conjured up by an enterprising Cornish businessman, surfer, ‘reluctant' endurance athlete and Lower Treave camper. One day whilst out on his regular local trail running route around Lizard Point, he could just make out Lands End in the far distance, and he wondered whether he might be able to get there on foot, in one day, non stop? He concluded that with some proper training, and a good dose of bloody mindedness it could be done. He also concluded that it would be a great way to raise some funds for a very worthy organisation, Cornwall Hospice Care. Endurancelife were asked to get the event off the ground and the 'Classic Quarter' was born.

The challenge is brutally simple. To run between dawn and dusk from the southern most point to the western most point in Cornwall and of course England, along the legendary South West Coast Path! That translates to running a quarter of the compass from Lizard Point to Lands End non-stop.

The course follows 44 miles of the mesmerising SW Coast Path with innumerable steep climbs and descents. This is the ultimate trail runner’s rush, with spectacular exposure and challenging terrain, all a stones throw away from the gently lapping, or potentially pounding Atlantic swells. There is also the unpredictable weather to contend with along the way, every runner must be well prepared mentally and physically.

The Classic Quarter can be undertaken as a relay team of two or four, or as an epic solo effort by the intrepid and well prepared lone runner. Last year the atmosphere of keen and friendly rivalry was a highlight, with the relay category being contested right up the final couple of miles.

In the first year 60 brave souls set off from Lizzard point in a howling westerly gale, it was an epic day and resulted in £3000 being raised for the Hospices. Year two, and in near perfect conditions 120 runners set off and managed to raise £6000. In 2009, 167 runners raised £8,000.
If you are in this years race and staying at Lower Treave, send us your charity donation details and we will blog them up for you.
Good luck to're mad!

Monday, 21 June 2010


Lovely to see Mary Combe back at the site today. Mary is from the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) and is our David Bellamy Award Assessor this year.

During the visit, we were lucky enough to spot some dragonflies and damselflies on the new pond, one of which I managed to snap later as it rested on a lily leaf.

A little investigation on the internet reveals that this is a male Libellula Depressa - Broad-bodied Chaser. The habitat description includes 'this dragonfly is usually found at ponds and may be the first to colonise new ponds.'

Well, it has done just that! Welcome to Lower Treave Libellula Depressa, and thank you Mary for a most enjoyable and informative visit.


Sunday, 20 June 2010


James Cracknell and his 'Ride Across Britain' circus rolled into town today with the carbon wheel print of a sizeable city. Pity Simon Usborn felt the need to headline the event in The Independent on Sunday's 'Green Living' section.

'The Ride Across Britain (RAB), sponsored by Deloitte, offers a third way. A mobile festival of cycling making its debut this year, RAB will give more than 500 riders the chance to tackle a tour of epic proportions. In effect nine "sportives" in a row – with all the equipment, feed stations and mechanical support you'd expect – it's tied together by a vast mobile tented village that will race ahead with the gear during each stage to set up camp and put on the pasta.'

'The mechanical support you'd expect' included numerous king size trucks, coaches the size of Penzance , portable generators that could have lit half of Cornwall, portable lighting systems that did light half of Cornwall, chuck wagons galore and acres of canvas...all to keep the lycra clad yummy mummies and the wannabe JCs within their 'comfort zones' during their epically proportioned efforts. Can't wait for the noise from the after show party to drift across the horizon!

Remember when cycling was a genteel mode of transport requiring nothing more than your trusty Raleigh, a Sturmey Archer 3-Speed and a pair of cycle clips? I suspect it has been hi-jacked by a more creative and cosmopolitan set and Mr Deloitte must be rubbing his hands together with glee at the idea of his company name being splashed across Master Cracknell's ample thighs.

Remember this guy?

Michael Taylor...did the ride in 9 days....completely unsupported...raised a bit of cash for his local charity...didn't make much fuss about it...and is one of many who set off each year from Lower Treave to do their bit.. He's my hero...and not a tour bus or an IOS journo in sight!


Friday, 18 June 2010


Tootling around in the truck today picking up one or two bits and pieces (new blades for the mower, roofing sheets for the log store, paint for the dog...that sort of day) and saw the Lands End Peninsula open top bus passing by.

Probably the best fun you can have with your clothes on!

And all for about a fiver!

Go on...have a car free day!


Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Its a car free day!


Monday, 14 June 2010


Sennen Farmers' Market

Where: Sennen Community Centre, Sennen, TR19 7AW

When: Every Tuesday

From 9:00am to 1:00pm


Naomi Gorvin

01736 871491

All sorts of delicious things to eat, things to grow, and presents to buy!