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Monday, 1 December 2008


Hi everybody, Following on from the popularity of the Bogwall Bugle this summer, we are going to carry on with this electronic version, bringing you all the latest news and views from Lower Treave. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing all your comments on the various topics. Those of you that have arrived here via the website will have noticed lots more information on there this year. Many thanks to Ken at all his efforts, which include setting up this Blog. Right, must some VAT percentages to change...more about that later. Carry on camping...!


  1. Do you have time for all this Blogging Norman...what with it being the rugby season, and all that decorating Linda has got lined up...

    Pushing Tin

  2. I was wondering your availability for accommodation for the period 22nd Dec to 4th Jan inclusive? Full bed and board and good humour required at a very reasonable rate- I've heard Parc-an-Peath, St Buryan also have quite good rates this season?

  3. Sorry, no room at the Inn...but there is a stable just down the road I could let you soon as I've kicked out that weird couple from Nazareth. They've got a few mates round at the moment....few local farmer boys and three 'hip dudes' from up country. Must go ...didn't get much sleep last night...that bloody big star ...told her she should have got thicker curtains...