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Monday, 6 April 2009


Spotted this on the low wall just outside the ladies toilets on Friday (3rd April). It might...just a female Emperor Moth .... I have emailed Ian at ukmoths for confirmation. 1643 Emperor Moth Saturnia pavonia (Linnaeus, 1758) Wingspan 40-60 mm.The spectacular Emperor moth is Britain's only resident member of the Saturniidae family. It is reasonably common over much of Britain, occupying moorland and open country.The males, which have bright orange hindwings, fly during the daytime in search of the greyer females, which fly at night. Both sexes are on the wing in April and May.The fully grown caterpillar is green with black hoops containing yellow wart-like spots, and feeds on moorland plants such as heather (Calluna) and bramble (Rubus). Probably popped in for a drink from the Bellamy Butterfly Bar! (PS Confirmed as a female Emperor Moth. Thanks to Ian Kimber of UKMoths.)

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