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Thursday, 28 May 2009


Help! Help! We're locked in the toilet! . Blimey, drastic action required. Now, in all the episodes of the Sweeney, it just needs a bit of a robust shoulder charge, the door flies off it's hinges, there's a cry of 'You're nicked' and the credits roll. . In real life, it requires a three foot wrecking bar, two blokes on the inside jemmying the door with a screwdriver and a large hammer! Bogtastic! . OK, we have given in and removed the code-locks off the doors. They were originally put there to disuade casual 'passers-by' from calling in for a quick shower on their way home from the beach (yep, it used to happen, once word got around that the showers were free we were a regular stop-off for the great un-washed). We did cure that problem to some extent when I removed the clothes of said miscreants from the hooks in the showers and placed them on the A30. Next time, we're calling in the boys. 'You're nicked!' . Where's Pilot Officer Pike when you need him? (see Bogwall Bugle Edition 4) .

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